About Us

Eastern Gate Investments Limited

Eastern Gate Investments was founded in 1999 as a boutique advisory firm offering bespoke services to High Net Worth clients and Institutional investors. Over the years, Eastern Gate has developed a strong portfolio of offshore investment opportunities and wealth management solutions. The partners believe that long-term financial planning requires a balanced approach of traditional and opportunistic investments. It is with this philosophy that Eastern Gate partners with the best of breed providers in their respective fields to offer a one-stop solution for all of your financial needs.

東直門投資有限公司 (Eastern Gate Investments Limited) 成立於1999年,是一家優質諮詢公司,為高端客戶和機構投資者提供度身訂制服務。 多年來,東直門已開發了強大的離岸投資服務和財富管理解決方案組合。 我們認為長期財務規劃需要平衡傳統投資和機遇投資的方法。基於這種理念,東直門與各自領域的最佳投資項目種類供應商合作,為您的所有財務需求提供一站式解決方案。