Core Business

Offshore Banking 離岸銀行業務

-Open an Offshore Bank account and get a personalised China UnionPay or Mastercard without the need of travel to destination country.
-Access and transact through Internet Banking without leaving the comfort of your home.


Wealth Management 財富管理

-CRS-compliant structures and asset management solutions for High Net Worth clients.
-Ability to trade stocks, bonds, ELNs and other instruments from a single platform.


Digital Asset Trading 電子數字資產交易

-Purchase cryptocurrencies through the secure services of a private digital exchange.
-Direct Fiat Settlement into a personalised European IBAN.

Immigration Consultancy 移民顧問

-Access popular European jurisdictions such as UK, Cyprus with direct access to property developer.
-Tailor-made investment plans and projects for Asian destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.