IMMigration to Taiwan

Eastern Gate provides consultation service for the people in Hong Kong and Macau Special Administration Region who intend to immigrate to Taiwan for investment in Taiwan immigration businesses.  Unlike other immigration companies, Eastern Gate have a handful of high-quality investment projects for immigrants to choose and the service is absolutely free of charge.

In addition, Eastern Gate understands that as a foreigner, it is necessary to have someone who can help them immigrants to Taiwan from applying in Hong Kong to landing in Taiwan. After landing, we offer full service to the immigrants to arrange all the needs when landing, and accompany the immigrants to Taiwan until they successfully received their passports. Furthermore, we will continuously follow up their investment and maintain their business within three years to achieve their dream of immigrants.

Eastern Gate will provide professional advice based on the actual situation of the immigrants and discuss our existing capital-guaranteed investment projects include catering, transportation, and self-service vending machines. These franchise projects guarantee that they are mature brands in Taiwan and have analyzed and understood their franchise fees and performance bond terms. Welcome to make an appointment for one-on-one interviews, free of charge, and the content is absolutely confidential.

東直門為有意移民台灣的港澳人士提供投資台灣移民專案的顧問公司。 東直門有別於一般移民公司,為移民台灣人士搜羅及篩選優質投資項目及与移民台灣人士共同擬定投資項目,費用全免。



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